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GuiZhou Normal University held the Art Festival of Physical Culture of the year 2012

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      With the 18th CPC National Congress closed, 万博体育移动版-GuiZhou Normal University held the Art Festival of Physical Culture of the year 2012 in the sports field of Baiyun Campus on November 15th in order to answer the call of CPC, publicize the sports spirits, enhance the physical quality and enrich the campus culture. Those who have attended the opening ceremony and watched the performances are the Party Secretary of GuiZhou Normal University PuZhiquan, the Vice-Party Secretary of GuiZhou Normal University and the Disciplinary Official and the Dean of Physical Department ZouKeyang, the Vice-Party Secretary DengHuibin and ChuGuangrong, the Vice-President CaiYongsheng and the Director of Culture and Sports Radio in Baiyun area XuChaoxue. ZouKeyang host the opening ceremony.

     Those representatives of Qiushi who have attended the opening ceremony are the Party Secretary ZhanYong, the President ZhangJing, the Vice-Party Secretary WanPing, the Vice-President YangXiaoying and YangXianming and LiLushan, the teachers of each department and counselors of each department.

     The Vice-Party Secretary ChuGuangrong gave the opening speech on behalf of the Party committee expressing the sincere solicitude to teachers and students and conveying the congratulations the the Art Festival. It was also revealed in his speech that the bright spot of the construction of campus sports facilitates the students’ all-round development at moral, intellectual and physical aspect and carries forward the sports spirits “Believing yourself and daring to make innovation”. He had made the call that “Practice one hour a day, work healthily for 50 years and live a happy life eternally.” At the same time, he wished the referees could work complying the principles of fairness and justice and the athletes could obey the discipline showing their own styles. And looked forward the completeness of the Art Festival.

      Subsequently, the Vice-Party Secretary DengHuibin declared the start of the Art Festival. The Physical Department of Qiushi made the parade of Dragon-Lion Dances winning the cheering of the audiences. The athletes released 80 balloons which could be the symbol of flying dreams and attaining the goals.

       The Party Secretary of Qiushi received the interview and indicated this art festival held when the 18th CPC National Congress closed. The performance of Dragon-Lion Dances and the good mental attitude have totally demonstrated the celebration to the completeness of the 18th CPC National Congress. ZhanYong also wished the athletes could show their own styles and increase the communications through the festival.

      The President ZhangJing viewed the festive and vivid atmosphere positively, and hoped the athletes could take good results. WanPing hoped through the festival more teachers and students could involve in practicing to display the united sports spirits and the good mental attitudes. So did the Vice-President YangXiaoying and YangXianming and LiLushan.

      It was reported that one gymnastics team and 3 other teams of Qiushi participate in the matches contending for gymnastics , sprint ,long-distance race, relay race, javelin throwing and shot competitions.(wangchengcheng report)