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Set up the students seeking model incentive overall growth

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I held the first hospital" Qiushi The example of the power of "outstanding students, students selection activities

    In May 27th, the first in our hospital" Qiushi Students, "example of the power of outstanding students in the selection Report Qiushi The lecture hall. Our hospital party secretary Yin Yi, deputy secretary Wu Dajun, vice president Li Lvshan, deputy director Wang Xiaomei, Shuai Yongping attended the organization member. Science department minister Zhang Huaide, director Yu Jing, the Communist Youth League propaganda center Wang Xue, Department of science of administrative department director Qiao Jing as judges.


Participate in the selection of the excellent report Qiushi Students
    This event aims to choose "academic pilot, self-reliance, innovation and entrepreneurship, volunteer work, sports talent, example six example students, taking the lead, To encourage more students to grow up . The reporting process, 12 Excellent students Through the speech, talent show and other reports mode To show personal accomplishment and learning achievement.


Excellent students to participate in the report


In the report of students for the talent show
    From the Department of science of the Zhang Liang report by way of speech, Adhering to You have to have the spirit of "sike" Attitude The presence of infection, the judges and the audience from the Department of fine arts; Han Kairui with his exquisite art scene drew a portrait of applause In the report, other students were also singing and comedy show their talent and learning outcomes, The wonderful speech and good deeds show Qiushi Students thick Germany, polygala, Qiushi The spirit of the times, innovation spirit and courage to struggle and enterprising.


college Leadership Awards to outstanding students


Secretary Yin Yi made a concluding speech
    After a comprehensive review of the judges, final Zhang Liang won the "pilot academic star" title, won the "dragon Jiao self star" title, Han Kairui won the "innovation star" title, "volunteer" Star "style literary star" "set star" title by Zhang Ji and Long Huihe Yang Binger were brought in the bag. The remaining six contestants won" Qiushi Students and example of the power of nomination award.


In reporting students and teacher leadership.
    Yin Yi said in his concluding remarks, college Always focus on the fundamental task Lide Shuren, actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, by organizing such activities show Qiushi Students of the era style and spirit, and comprehensively promote the students' growth and education, create a good atmosphere for education excellence in the. He hopes Qiushi Students do not forget the early heart, establish a firm conviction, to become Qiushi An example of inheritance college spirit Overall, growth . (reporter Zeng Qingqing / Wen Chen Min yi Bai Qian / photo)