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Introduction of QiuShi college of GuiZhou Normal University

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QiuShi College of GuiZhou Normal University was founded in June 26, 2001, is located NO.397 BaiYun North Road BaiYun District GuiYang City GuiZhou Province, is a science, so the text, with the characteristics of teacher education for, give consideration to other disciplines, with a variety of forms of school full-time regular undergraduate college.
The college covers an area of 301949 square meters, 221845 square meters of school, has a multi-media classrooms, language lab, laboratory, network computer room, library, the stadium and other modern teaching facilities and standardized students, student dining hall and the Residence in supporting facilities, collection of nearly 500000 books, electronic books and nearly 1000000 species of; College of the existing literature and Journalism Department, Department of mathematics and computer science, Faculty of law, Department of foreign languages and other 12 department, opened the Chinese language and literature, mathematics and applied mathematics, science, English, physical education, fine arts and more than 40 professional and direction; the college students more than million people, and more than 6600 students have graduated from at the end of the year, graduates employment rate steady at 90%; College education in Guizhou Normal University, teaching resources as the foundation, integration and optimization, and the quality of teacher, established a professor, associate professor and outstanding young and middle-aged teachers as the main body of professionals, part-time teacher team, which has a graduate degree and the title of senior teachers are more than 40%.
    From the creation date, the exploration of College rules, patterns and characteristics, improving education, teaching level and quality as their fundamental task, Establish "Guarantee foundation, strengthening practice, develop skills, cultivate characteristic “education philosophy," innovation, application-oriented undergraduate talents training target and the" a” professional, multiple occupation development direction" professional courses; Hire education experts form a teaching research and to guide the working group, Research and education, teaching, college education, teaching job; outstanding the practice teaching course and teaching, to cultivate practical ability, in the province has established more than 50 education teaching practice base. Innovation of college personnel training mode, the implementation of" Internship in a whole semester”, “Instead of the others post practice" and won a good social reputation. Implementation of the "all for the students in college, for all students, to students of all" thoughts of students management", is responsible for the student, is responsible to the parents for the, socially responsible" responsibility, establish college -- parents -- social comprehensive training mechanism, the implementation of low grade half militarization management mode, taking teaching as the center to carry out" a class a bright spot, a professional characteristics, one is a boutique" series of activities, stimulate students' learning enthusiasm, practice, and gradually form of "moral, Polygala, Honey erudition, Realistic, innovation" the fine style of study.
College efforts to obtain the students, parents and the community widely recognized and achieved good social reputation in 2010 by the Chinese Institute of collaboration will be as an independent "National Advanced School of independence” and for four consecutive years by the Chinese University Alumni Network evaluation issues group as 100 independent colleges nationwide.